Monday, 28 December 2015

That Night was actually A Chilling Night !!!

I, Abhi, Saleem & Sohail started with 15 Blankets, 8 Jackets & with very few sweaters. We decided to start distribution on Medical College Road from Parivartan Chowk. We all anticipated that the stock we are carrying will be suffice but the moment we hit on roads we all were surprised to see the number of peoples sleeping on left & right sides of Footpath. We all used to travel on these roads very frequently be it day or night but we had no clue that such high number of peoples are homeless in Lucknow.

To identify the actual needy we slow down our Car speed. The picture became more scary when we saw people sleeping in this chilling 7 - 8 deg temp and they were actually sleeping on bare floor & they just had a bed sheet or Polythene to cover body. Their bodies were actually shivering in this frigid cold. 

We came out from our car and went close to one of them; He was almost awake and looking at us with lots of hope. He must be 50yrs of old man; he told us he native of some village of district Gonda and doing labour work in Lucknow. Cannot afford to have Rented House as it is going to cost atleast 3k every month which is close to 50% of his monthly earnings. Sohail asked him why don't you move to nearby "Rain-Basera"; he said it is already been occupied by local beggars & they behave like goons in "Rain-Basera". We covered his body with a Blanket. I could not explain in words how happy he was while accepting this. He gave blessings to us with both of his hands.

We four moved to next person he was a 70-75yrs old man having Praying beads in hand; he told us he is in Lucknow from Kheri and finding his daughter here. She was lost in Lucknow only. We offered him a blanket and the moment he accepted the Blanket he joint his both the hands and started reading Dua. The moment he finished he said I just had Dua for you four. And Allah will surely keep you safe & healthy. We were feeling really touched with his words.

And in next 15 mins we identified few more actual needy and distributed the Blankets, Jackets and Sweaters. Men, Women & Kids all were in need of this. More or less the story of everyone was same. Maximum of them were Labors, Rikshawala's or Cleaners. We utmost tried to offer stuff only to actual needy and not to beggars.  Nevertheless we cannot deny the fact few of them must be beggars or they will re-sell it but the happiness is we were able to help atleast few in Lakhs.

29th Dec'15

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Back to Writing !!! An Effort !

It’s been more than a Year I am away from writing. Yes, I was not writing very often but still this gap is gone beyond expectations. In between this there were so many thoughts, so many Trips (for travelogue), many developments in life but no avail in writing.
I understood very well that you need a calm undistracted & free mind for writing. Sometimes you need Isolation as well for writing. That is why these authors, lyricist & poets are going to sea shore or on hills for writing.

I also found TV is the biggest distractor which continuously tries to keep you away from your hobbies. It makes you Lazy and less creative. I am trying my best to keep maximum distance from TV now. 

And obviously there was one more reason for this long break; my old Acer Celeron Laptop. Since it is a Celeron laptop it works worse than a tortoise. Recently I bought a new HP one and after buying new lappy atleast I am logging in more often than before. 

Well, I am looking forward to write & post (Google blog) more frequently.

Wish me Luck!!!

7-Sep-2015, 1:13 am

Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Night of Glory !!!

Sunday, 11:30am in WhatsApp Group Chat

Jagati : Aaj kaun jeetega ? India ya Germany?
Agarwal:  Abe !!! yeh Hitler log Cricket kabse khelne lage ?
AB:  Agarwal sahab … Jagati is talking today’s FIFA final between India & Germany
Agarwal: OHHH … Abe to Octopus se pucho na … mere se kya puch rahe ho ? Waise bhi I have little knowledge about Sports. Aur jo hai woh Cricket ki hai. 
AB: Bhai log, as usal Battery is about to die … Let’s over it now … Meet at Alambagh Chauraha at     7:30pm … match will start at 8:30 or 9 … Will go to one of my friend’s place, He is living alone in Lucknow … He is having big plans for tonight … Projector screen, Beer & Non-veg. Most probably few Gals are also coming from his office. In total gathering of around 9-10 peoples.
Jagati: Acha Ladkiyan aa rahi hain ? … Bhai, I am Game … Agarwal, Pick me up from my place then we’ll pick Bhatia from Alambagh. Aur Safari lekar aiyoo; Alto nai. Aur Safari mast condition mein hai, we both knew it. Kal hi service se aayi hai.
Agarwal: Kamino Safari mushkil hai. Oil leak kar raha hai par chal dekhta hun. Thoda late ho sakta hai.
 Monu: Bhai Log, kya program bana rahe ho shaam ka ? hain ?
Jagati: Kuch nai beta Monu, tum Muzaffarnagar mein Pepsi bechoo…
Monu: Hara*******

8:30pm: Alambagh:

This time Agarwal didn’t disappointed us and he came in his Black (old) Tata Safari … for Me & Jagati there is always a big time craze for Safari … We both were totally bored with Hatchback’s. Moreover; Safari have so comfortable cushions seats, Hi-Fi music system with base sound tube, On the top of it Safari gives you a feeler of V.I.P. like MLA or MP.

As usual you Guys are late. I said.

Don’t worry I checked it in my DTH box, Live streaming of match will start at 9:30pm prior to this there is a Gyan & predication session of experts. Jagati said.
Then it is ok. Acha, Listen Guys there is super breaking news for you.

What? What? Simultaneously Jagati & Agarwal asked.

There is no friend of mine living alone in Lko, Not even a single girl will join us tonight, No beer, No chicken & No mutton. In short I fooled around you Guys. I was aware without giving inducement to you Guys it was impossible to fetch you here and trust me in any case I was not willing to watch such a big match alone at home. So I did the same. Sorrrrrrry …

<beep>  <beep>  <beep><beep>  <beep>  <beep><beep>  <beep>  <beep></beep></beep></beep></beep></beep></beep></beep></beep></beep>

In a fraction of second both fired more than hundred *Beeps* on me.

Not to worry Friends, I have got better plans for tonight. Look, local administration had decided to show this high voltage final match on extra giant screen and they had placed the screen near Universal, Hazratganj.

Acha, is it so? I often saw such scene in English movies. This is a culture in western countries especially in European.  Jagati said.

I read in newspaper around 10k-12k peoples are expected to come. They had done stiff security arrangements for tonight. CRPF will also be there to avoid stampede or any such issues. Vehicles are strictly restricted in Hazratganj from 9pm till end of match. Two temporary parking are also formed for tonight. at G.P.O & K.D Singh Stadium. City Mayor Mr. Dinesh Sharma & Mr.Subrata Roy from Sahara India are also coming to cheer the Blue cheetahs.

WoW … sounds appealing … I can imagine that we are watching match live in Stadium. Agarwal Said.

Excitement on both the faces assured me that my plan of watching match on big screen is surely going to be accomplished & a final nod from them gave me a big relief.

Bhai log, its 9pm … Let’s rush to Tunday 1st I am starving. Agarwal Said.

Ya me too, from past half an hour we are doing round table conference. Bhatia & Agarwal … Shall we take Beer cans along with us? Will enjoy match with thandi thandi beer …  Jagati suggested

Bad idea … it’s so cold and you are suggesting for Beer. Moreover; in such crowd can you imagine that we can have Beer? Agarwal replied.

Meanwhile; I was busy in searching Honey Singh new number in Safari’s music system.

It took only 7-8 minutes to reach Tunday as roads were almost clear because of match.

We decided to get the food packed as we were running out of time. Order was placed and now the waiting time started. As always Tunday was full with swarm. Everyone was in hurry because of match. It was already 9:15pm; we roughly calculated by any means our order will take another 15mins or more. There was no other choice except waiting.

Jagati: Give me the car keys I’ll be back in 10mins.

Agarwal:  Where are you going now?

Jagati: Have to purchase few medicines for my Dog. Don’t worry I’ll be back in 10mins or before.

As Jagati left; me & Agarwal started discussing about the match with another group of boys. Germany was the most favorites for the ones who were beting tonight.
As promised by Jagati; he arrived before 10mins & luckily we got our order little bit early.

It was already 9:45pm when we reached parking at K.D Singh stadium. Post parking the vehicle we were fortunate to get a rikshaw till LIC building beyond this point no bikes, cars, cycles and rikshaw were allowed.

We three started walking (sort of running) towards Universal. Suddenly I noticed one extra bag in Jagati’s hand.

What is inside in this black polythene? urs Dog medicines?

Jagati: No, some Kurkure, Chips, Cold drink and a pack of cigarette.

Ok … Take care of both the Bags. Food and Snacks both is in your custody now. I said.

      Atmosphere was awesome in Hazratganj … It was a completely different Hazratganj as it was used to be. Huge Huge Screen was hanged on a web of bamboos in exact middle of road somewhere near to universal. Screen was intentionally hanged on a good height and it must be 85-90 feet from the ground. Administration had done a good home work on this & that is why the screen was clearly visible starting from Universal till end of Mayfair building. Many loud speakers were attached so that live commentary could be easily reaches to every pair of ear. Right side, Left side, roofs, footpath every single place was occupied by spectators.  The whole Hazratganj was filled with tri-color flags, undersized kids were selling different kinds of Vuvzela, 10rs mein Tiranga, 10rs mein Tiranga … Many similar voices were reaching to us … few other boys were painting Indian Flag on faces in just 10rs, Ice cream, cold drink, mineral water, chips, Pan masala & everything was for sell. Hazratganj was more like an India Gate at that time. In fact, I doubt India Gate have ever seen such glorious moment. More than 10k people and one word mantra to chant INDIA!!! INDIA!!! INDIA!!! INDIA!!! INDIA!!! INDIA!!! INDIA!!! INDIA!!! INDIA!!! & INDIA!!!

       Our hard work of 10mins paid back and we got good place to stand on footpath. Game was running in 25thmin and score was 0-0 … Ball positioning statistics surprised us like anything.                         Germany 45%- India 55% … Ball positioning statistics given us a chance to start a round a high-five.
In between Jagati unwrapped food packet & handed Kabab rolls to us. After a gap of minute pet bottle Pepsi reaches to me via Jagati … just after a sip I realized it was not only a Pepsi …. A wicked smile on Jagati’s face confirmed my doubt, It was Whisky+Pepsi . He purchased medicine for his own in place for his Dog.

  1st half ended; first Goal of match was still awaited. 2nd half started; in 58th min screen flashed with Ball positioning score, this time there was nothing to do like high –five. INDIA – 35% GERMANY – 65%. Spectators lost enthusiasm in their voices. In 70th min Yellow card to Indian Player Gouramangi Singh.
Ohh No !!! Nothing is happening well for India. Agarwal said.

Wait and watch … Pray for good. We should be happy that in last 70mins India maintained score of 0-0 though Germans attacked several times on Indian goal post. Till now excellent work done by Goal-keeper & Defenders but unable to understand what Bhutia & Chhetri are doing? As a senior striker they have to play extra ordinary. I replied.

Nothing fruitful happened in next 20mins & in extra time as well. Game called for Penalty shoot-out. Refree coined the toss and India won the toss.
Now, everyone was watching it with cross-fingers. More than the players spectators  were more Nervous …

Amit, utho … utho beta … 4:30 baj gaye … Utho ab … Train ka time ho gaya hai.

Haan Mummi 5min bas … & finally at 4:40am I was out from my cozy bed & searching for my sleepers.

It took another 8-10mins for me to realize that I was watching a dream … India playing Fifa world cup that too in Finals … WOW … What a Glorious dream it was … I must say it was the best ever dream for me in my entire life. I wish the dream which I saw with closed eyes I’ll be to see in real with open eyes.

Finally, I was in Train at 5:35am & still memorizing The Night of Glory!!!